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The Center for Jewish Studies is determined to become a leading center for the study of Jewish culture, religion and society. We can only do so through broad support from the general public. Endowments enable much of the Center’s activities including funding student projects, summer travel and study abroad; supporting the Center’s public programs and lecture series; funding visiting scholars; providing research funds and faculty new course development awards.

How To Contribute

For more information please contact:

Dr. Norman Goda
Jewish Studies
104 Walker Hall
P.O. Box 118020
Gainsville, FL 32611-8020
Phone: 352-392-9245 (office)


  • The Board of Associates Professorship Endowment
  • The Breier Visiting Fellow Endowment
  • The Mikki and Morris Futernick Professorship
  • The Gary R. Gerson Lecture Series Endowment
  • The Gary R. Gerson Visiting Professorship Endowment
  • The Gary R. Gerson Discretionary Scholarship Fund
  • The Greenbaum Family Professorship Endowment
  • The Jewish Studies Endowment
  • The Arthur and Violette Kahn Visiting Scholar Endowment
  • The Kolko Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  • The Samuel M. Melton Endowment
  • The Samuel M. Melton Legislative Professorship Endowment
  • The Harry Rich Endowment for Holocaust Studies
  • The Betty Schram Memorial Endowment
  • Samuel and Bessie R. Proctor Fund Endowment
  • Dr. Warren Bargad Endowment