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Certificate Program in Holocaust Studies

The Center for Jewish Studies is pleased to announce an interdisciplinary certificate program in Holocaust Studies. This program is open to all degree-seeking undergraduates. It provides background for a variety of career choices ranging from the study of law, to human rights work, to employment with NGOs, to K-12 education, to international business, to museum or library employment. The certificate program can supplement any major program of study.

Students completing the certificate program learn about the Holocaust itself as well as how major authors, government leaders, legal scholars, filmmakers, artists, museum curators, and others have reacted to and understood the Holocaust. Students will emerge with a sense of how global discourse has understood, failed to understand, and even manipulated the notion of the unspeakable. Finally, students will themselves be able to think and argue broadly as to the nature of humanity and mass crime.

The certificate requires six courses, distributed as follows.

Surveys (2 of 3):

All Certificate Students must take two of the following three:

  • EUH 3033 History of the Holocaust
  • EUH 3931/JST 3930 The Jewish Holocaust
  • EUH 3930/JST 3931 Holocaust Studies

History and Social Science (2):

All students must take two of the following:

  • EUH 3931 History of Antisemitism
  • EUH 3672 Modern European Jewish History
  • EUH 3673 Modern East European Jewry
  • EUH 3931/JST 3930 The Holocaust in the Courtroom
  • EUH 3931 Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, and Displaced Persons
  • JST 3930 The Holocaust in Social Theory

Literature and Film (2)

All students must take two of the following:

  • GET 3851 The Limits of Representation: Europe and the Holocaust
  • GET 3930/ENG 4135 From Nuremberg to South Park: Representations of Nazism in Film and Literature
  • GEW 4930 Remembering, Repeating, and Working through the Past: Postwar German Literature and Visual Culture
  • GEW 6900 Modern German-Jewish Culture: From Emancipation to Extermination
  • ITT 3930/JST 3930 The Holocaust in Italy
  • JST 3930 The Holocaust in Cinema
  • LIT 3173 Jewish Literature
  • LIT 4930 Representations of the Holocaust [Childrens Literature]

Supplementary Electives: Can Be Substituted for One of the Above Courses with Special Permission

  • AFH 4293 Politics and Violence in Africa Since 1800
  • EUS 3120 War and Culture in Europe
  • EUH 3206 Twentieth-Century Europe
  • EUH 3330 Late Modern Central and Eastern Europe
  • EUH 3564 Central and Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century
  • EUH 4280 History of the Second World War
  • EUH 4464 Twentieth-Century Germany
  • EUS 3120 War and Culture in Europe
  • GET 3580 Representations of War in Literature and Visual Media
  • GET 3930 Dark Tourism: Sites of Catastrophe in Travel Literature and Visual Culture
  • LIT 3173 Jewish Literature
  • Lit 4396 Childhood and War
  • MUH 3621 Jewish Art Music in Western Culture
  • REL 3395 Religion and Violence
  • PLT 2560 Poland Through Movies
  • PLT 3520 Polish Cinema
  • RUT 3503 Violence and Terror in the Russian Experience
  • RUT 3600 The Twentieth Century through Slavic Eyes